21 June 2011

About This Website

Grimorium Vivum

This is Latin, more or less, for the 'living grimoire'. It exists as a platform for me to voice my thoughts about spiritual, occult and magick topics. Nothing fancy, nothing too deep either.

While I've tried on several occasions to compile a personal 'Book of Shadows', grimoire, or whatever I felt like calling it at the time, they've never been long lasting, due to the fact that I simply keep changing my mind about things too often. Also, many writers on magick tend to emphasise the use of a 'magical record' or journal. But I've never been able to keep journals or diaries, either as a child or as an adult[sic]. After a few entries I just tend to forget.

But I am, however, exhibitionistic enough to bare my soul to the world in blogs, tweets, status updates and their ilk. So perhaps a 'Blog of Shadows' is the answer, a more dynamic, modern, chaotic approach to the matter. Or maybe I'll write a few posts and then forget about it. We will just have to see.

This website was founded on the day of the Summer Solstice, 2011.


I am a male person of mixed European heritage, living in a corner of the Nordic lands. And yes, it's obviously an assumed name. It's not that I'm particularly concerned about my privacy or anything, but magickal aliases are quite common in occult circles, so why the heck not use one? It doesn't hold much special significance, though.

(If you must know, 'beorc' is an Old English word for 'birch', a tree I consider quite beautiful, and there's something magical about its unique colours. It is also the Old English name for the rune equivalent to the Latin character 'B', which happens to hold some significance for me. Or perhaps it's really 'Be Orc!', or an anagram of 'Be Roc!', which again could either refer to the mythical bird, or be a misspelling of 'rock'. It's gematria (Qabalistic numerology) is 140, which just happens to be the maximum length of a tweet, an appropriately nerdy association, and also the sum of the squares of the first seven integers, seven obviously being a very magical number.)

I should perhaps mention that I am not a member, nor have I ever been, of any occult organisation. All my meagre knowledge on the topic is through personal study of texts, and through my own musings and experiments. Actually, I believe strongly that spirituality, perhaps more than anything else, is a highly personal topic.

A Little Personal History

While I was raised Christian, like most people in my country, already as a teenager I displayed some interest in neopaganism. I never delved too deeply into the subject at that stage, though, and more or less forgot about it until my mid twenties, when I somehow stumbled upon Wiccan texts, and was soon performing self-initiations and sabbat rituals. This phase lasted a few years, while I simultaneously expanded my studies into other schools of occultism, namely Hermetic and Qabalistic systems in the traditions of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley.

Before too long I came to the conclusion that no ready system as such was right for me, and spent a couple years coming up with a variety of original, syncretistic systems. I was then influenced by writings on Chaos Magick, coinciding with my own conclusions that even the best original system just wouldn't cut it. Fixating on one, restrictive system seemed to lead to boredom and disillusionment.

The early posts in this blog mostly represent that era. More recently, however, I have discovered a resurging interest in Wicca, which I realise has always been the foundation that I've built my spiritual explorations on . The preceding journey of half a dozen or so years has, of course, given me a wholly new perspective on it. Hopefully I'll be able to set upon some more stable ideas before too long, but there's no point in rushing these things. The gods (or rather the forces of nature we sometimes personify as gods) are there, whether we see them or not, and in the end it makes very little difference how we name them or dress them.

One thing I should probably make clear is that I've always been a lazy magician. Even though I believe in the beneficial potential of rituals, I seem to have a hard time actually getting round to performing them. So I don't actually have all that much practical experience to boast of. I'm writing about things I am interested in, things I'm still just discovering myself. I'm not trying to sell you anything, or claim that something is right or works. Spirituality is a matter of the heart. What counts is how it makes you feel, and different things invoke feelings in different people. The key is to find what those things are...

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