21 June 2011

Tarot Spread: Sword of Legend

'The Sword of Legend' is a simple five card tarot spread I devised some time ago, based on the image of a sword and narrative concepts.

This is how it goes:

  1. Place the first card near you. This is the hilt of the sword, and denotes the 'Hero', the self, the querent, and circumstances at the beginning.
  2. Place the second card above the first. This is the blade of the sword, and denotes the 'Journey', the general progress toward the goal.
  3. Place the third card above the second. This is the point of the sword, and denotes the 'Quest', the ultimate goal.
  4. Place the fourth and fifth cards at an angle on each side of the second. These form the cross-guard of the sword, and denote the 'Friend' and the 'Foe', specific circumstances (or people) that may help or hinder the 'Hero' on his or her way.
The 'Friend' and 'Foe' cards may be read in two ways. You can either decide beforehand that one side is the 'Friend' and the other the 'Foe', or you could leave the choice open, leaving more space for interpretation.

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