24 June 2011

The Vision of Salt

There was a time when I tried to create a system of magick based on Discordianian ideas, mixed with some of my own, and borrowings from Greek mythology. The very concept of a Discordian system, of course, is a contradiction in terms, and was doomed to fail. There was one curious experience during this period, though.

I was contemplating the structure of the altar. It seemed kind of bare to me, but I was not sure what more to place on it. So I went for a walk one day. This was in late autumn (one week after Hallowe'en, in fact). I happened to climb a little hill nearby, and at the top I prayed to Eris to give me a sign as to what I should use as her symbol on the altar.

At almost that precise moment, it seemed to me, a heavy fall of sleet began.

I walked in the direction the sleet was falling, then remembered who I was dealing with and walked in the opposite direction. So I walked back down the hillside, and the path took me to a little dell, covered with now dried out ferns. Rising out of the dell, the sun suddenly struck the falling sleet, making it seem like a strange, glowing curtain. And for some reason the first thought to pop into my head was: 'White salt crystals.'

And just then the sleet stopped.

Salt, of course, has a long tradition of use in ritual. There were also numerological and other symbolic ties to Eris that I could work into the system I was devising.

What to make of this now, when this particular system has long since been abandoned, I don't really know. I haven't been able to think of much actual ritual use for salt, either. But I still think the experience was fascinating, and must hold some significance.

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