1 August 2011


Below are explanations of some of the possibly more obscure terms and abbreviations used in the Grimorium Vivum. (To be expanded in the future...)

A∴A∴ - An occult society created by Aleister Crowley as a successor to the G∴D∴, based on his Thelemic philosophy.

Aeon - 1. An age of the world. Crowley believed a new aeon, called the Aeon of Horus, had begun. (Comparable perhaps to the Age of Aquarius). 2. A primordial spiritual entity, particularly in Gnostic tradition. Also borrowed as a term for summoned creatures in some Final Fantasy games.

C∴N∴ - A nonsense abbreviation, nominally standing for Chaotic Neutral, a D&D allusion.

G∴D∴ - 'The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn', a Victorian British occult society, very influential in the development of modern western occultism.

Gematria - Qabalistic numerology, primarily based on numbers associated with Hebrew letters, although the method has been applied to other alphabets as well.

Kami - The Japanese word for animistic spirits. I've occasionally used it as a general term for the 'spirit' of any entity, more specifically its interaction with other entities. (See this article.)

Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (LRP) - A short ritual originating from the G∴D∴, suited for opening longer rituals or for daily practise, and the inspiration for many similar ritual openings. Versions known as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) and Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (LIRP) exist. (There is, of course, a slightly expanded Greater Ritual of the Pentagram, but I don't feel a need to complicate things needlessly.)

Magick - The act of striving to change the self or the world with the assistance of symbols and ritual. The spellings 'magic' and 'magick' are interchangeable, the 'k' is purely aesthetic.

Pointy Thing (PT) - The primary magickal 'weapon', usually either a wand or a dagger, but could take almost any form. Primarily used to trace magickal symbols in the air.

Qabalah - A loose collection of various traditions of mysticism, which developed within Judaism, although it has since branched out in many separate traditions, many of them non-Jewish. The best known element is the 'Tree of Life', a symbolic representation of the structure of the Universe.

Wicca - A neopagan religion influenced by western occult tradition, popularised in the 1950's through the writings of Gerald Gardner.

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