2 August 2011

A Heroic Pentagram Ritual

This little ritual builds on the ideas presented in this article about creating a modern hero cult, based on popular culture and old Greek ideas. The structure and usage are similar to other Lesser Rituals of the Pentagram, while the names have been replaced by those of characters from well known TV shows. But as is the case with any ritual, the choice of names and figures involved should be personal, this is merely an example.

  1. Turn to the east. Trace a circle about you, if you will.
  2. Trace a pentagram, and say: 'Willow!' 
  3. Turn to the north, trace pentagram, say: 'Kaylee!'
  4. Turn to the west, trace pentagram, say: 'Gabrielle!'
  5. Turn to the south, trace pentagram, say: 'Starbuck!'
  6. Return to the east. Visualise the pentagrams and the figures of the heroines around you.
The names have of course been picked to work with the elemental associations of the cardinal points (air, earth, water and fire, respectively), but I don't think I need to go deeper into my reasoning at this point. I purposefully picked characters from different shows, though (even if there is a slight imbalance in favour of Joss Whedon).

(Someone could perhaps wonder why the characters are all female. The fact that I'm a heterosexual male might have something to do with that.)

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