1 August 2011

Rite of the One-Winged Angel

This little ritual (ROWA, for short) is based on the format of the traditional Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and inspired by a famous video game character, and words from an associated piece of music.

(Note: The name Sephiroth in this context doesn't refer to the emanations in qabalah, but is merely the name of a person. But the double meaning of the word obviously gives some food for thought.)

  1. Trace a flaming circle about you, from east back to east.
  2. Turn towards the south. Say: 'Estuans interius ira vehementi!' and trace a pentagram.
  3. Turn towards the north. Say: 'Sors immanis et inanis!' and trace a pentagram.
  4. Turn towards the west. Say: 'Veni, veni, venias, ne me mori facias!' and trace a pentagram.
  5. Turn towards the east. Say: 'Gloriosa, generosa!' and trace a pentagram.
  6. Visualise a terrifying, angelic figure with a single wing towering before you. Shout: 'Sephiroth!', and bask in his power and glory.

(The Latin verses are borrowed from the Carmina Burana. They translate roughly to: 'Burning inside with violent anger. Fate, monstrous and empty. Come, come, o come, do not let me die. Glorious, noble.' I have arranged the lines in relation to the cardinal points according to what felt like the most natural correspondence with the four elements.)

The energy and meaning of this ritual are still somewhat unclear to me. Sephiroth, obviously, is not exactly a 'good guy'. But he is a symbol of great power. One could almost consider him a deity of apotheosis, of desire for power, for whatever end. (Invoking his name, of course, doesn't necessarily signify a will to destroy the planet in a rain of fire...)

Being as it is a form of the Pentagram Ritual, it is probably best suited either as an opening for some working, or for regular use as an independent ritual for mental practise.

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