3 August 2011


One method used in Chaos Magick is the making of 'mantras' by jumbling up letters in a phrase. Just for a laugh, I took the phrase 'Wackiness ensues!' to see what kind of word I would come up with.

First of all, I removed duplicate letters, which left me with 'wackinesnu'. This doesn't look too bad, but is still a little too close to the original phrase.

I tried turning the word backwards, which gave me 'unsenikcaw'. Not bad, but the last syllable is a little awkward, I thought.

So I jumbled up a few of the letters, resulting in 'unsenickwa'. I think this has a nice ring to it.

The question that remains is, what is the significance of this brand new magickal formula? What kind of context could it be used in? The original phrase is quite general in scope. This is not a spell for some specific purpose. It could perhaps be seen as a generic 'word of power', akin to Hebrew names of God used in qabalistic magick. On the other hand, it also has an air of finality akin to an 'amen' or a 'blessed be!' (And the meaning does have a rather Discordian feel, of course.)

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