12 January 2012

KChPh - A Formula of the Universe

Here are three things I think I can take as more or less granted:
  1. There is a universe. It is vast, and comprised of (for all practical purposes) an infinite number of entities.
  2. The nature of the universe is interaction. It is shaped through cause and effect.
  3. Individual (living) entities have a subjective consciousness.
For practical use in ritualistic contexts, I'll give these concepts fancy names in an ancient language (Greek, in this case): Kosmos (κόσμος), Chaos (χάος), and Phantasia (φαντασία). Or, because occultists love obscure formulae, KChPh for short. More discussion follows.

Kosmos (i.e. the 'cosmos') as a word for the entirety of existence should be fairly obvious. I use it here to refer to... well, basically all that we can perceive or conceive of. And, technically, all that we can't that is out there anyway.

Chaos might be a slightly less obvious choice of word. But it is antithetical to the concept of cosmos (i.e. order), and sort of related to ideas of fluidity and change. You could see Kosmos as the body of the universe, and Chaos as its spirit. I'm also somewhat inspired by modern chaos theory (although I don't pretend to understand it in the least). Chaos is not un-predetermined. Everything proceeds through the process of cause and effect, hence all is determined by initial conditions. But it is unpredictable, because we cannot possibly perceive or comprehend all the factors that affect the process. In this scheme Kosmos is of course not born from a preceding Chaos, but the two are inexorably entwined.

Phantasia in its most basic sense refers to 'appearing' or 'appearance', so it is closely related to sensory perception. In another sense it refers to the imagination (whence our modern concept 'fantasy'). Our minds, consciousnesses, and imaginations are of course a part of the larger universe, but our own little microcosms are very important to us. (And if there's a microcosm, I guess there must also be a microchaos!) The mind is the part of the universe where magick happens (or at least the likeliest part), since the Kosmos at large seems to have a tendency to be somewhat indifferent towards incantations shouted at it.

But Phantasia is a little more than just a single individual's brain cells. The imagery of our minds is shaped by all the other imaginations out there, the ideas and creations they put out into world for us to experience. Like Kosmos itself is a never ending network of interacting entities (the interaction itself being what I here call Chaos), our imaginations form a sub-network of their own.

The words could be used together as a simple mantra, an affirmation of the nature of the universe. Or they could be used as part of a longer invocation, of course. You could even shorten it to just the initials, 'Kappa-Chi-Phi', though that might sound a little silly. It's the universe we're talking about, after all, not some fraternity...

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