17 February 2012

Bríd - Goddess of Computers?

Just a little, light-hearted thought exercise (though it could certainly have practical implications, if so inclined).

The Irish goddess Bríd (or Brigid) has been described as both a goddess of poets and of blacksmiths.

Now, blacksmiths deal, in a very literal sense, with hardware. Poets deal with language.

What do you get when you bring together hardware and language? Computer systems! Software! Programming!

Technology has become an integral part of our culture and the very core of our being. Yet most mythological figures obviously don't have a clear connection with this modern reality. Deities of wisdom might be among the most obvious to call on for IT issues, but then again, computers are intricate physical objects as well. It wouldn't be a great leap to associate them with magickal items of myths, and the gods of smithing who often created such things. Technology is magick, in a very real sense.

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