10 June 2012

An Invocation of Darkness

I am the rustling of darksome wings
I am the screaming of unseen things
I am the infinite beauty of night
I am the shadow encircling the light
I am the ravening creature of lust
I am the lover of ruins and of rust
I am the fury, the breath of the storm
I am the creeping mist without form
For I have drunk of Its ichor like wine
The power of Darkness itself is mine!

7 June 2012

A Simple Circle Casting

This is a simple formula for a circle casting. It is based on segments of verse originally written by Wiccan author Doreen Valiente, for the verse version of the 'Great Rite' (i.e. a symbolic conjoining of male and female), which is also the third degree initiation in Gardnerian Wicca. While of Wiccan origin, I don't see any reason why these lines could not be adapted for use with any theology (and neopagan faiths in particular). The words aren't originally part of a circle casting ritual, but the segments I've borrowed seem to be perfect for just such a thing.

The 'circle casting' is basically just a Wiccan term for the Ritual of the Pentagram, which originates from the Victorian occult society Golden Dawn. The main difference compared to the generic pentagram ritual is that Wiccan circle castings, as the name suggests, usually include the distinct act of tracing a circle around the working space (whereas in the pentagram ritual a circle is implied as the magician moves his tool from quarter to quarter). It is generally used as the opening part of a ritual, and could be followed by more specific acts of magick, celebration of a particular holy day, or merely simple meditation or prayer.