9 November 2013

The Pentagram of Creation: A New Myth and Pantheon

I spent some time recently pondering about the guardians of the four quarters and elements. For some time now I'd been treating them in a rather neutral manner, simply calling upon the spirits of each element in ritual without any specific names or forms. But now as I thought about them, images begun to take shape in my mind, and a story...

This may have been in part inspired by reading I'd done lately about the Feri Tradition, a form of witchcraft not entirely different from Wicca, but distinct in many ways. My own roots are firmly in Wicca and it's not like I'm going to suddenly switch over, but there is a certain kind of... energy in Feri that is fascinating, and a pantheon of deities that is wider and maybe, in some ways, a little more imaginative than mainstream Wicca's... In any case, the deities I describe below are creations of my own mind, not directly borrowed from any tradition.

As I write this article, these are still new ideas for me, and I have no idea whether they will end up as actual parts of my practise. But they seemed interesting enough to put down in writing.

A Creation Myth

In the beginning, there was chaos, and there was Goddess, and the chaos and Goddess were one. Goddess carved out stars and planets from the chaos, and thus our Universe was born.

22 August 2013

Exploring the Darkness

Note: This is a draft of a post I wrote sometime last year and then entirely forgot about. I expect I intended to expand it, though of course I no longer remember what (if anything) I had in mind. It's not exactly along the lines I'm exploring these days (being more interested in Wiccan tradition), but I think it's still worth publishing (and of course the Wiccan God and Goddess have a dark side, too).

Recently I went for a stroll outside, musing about spiritual matters once again, and, as usual, not really making heads or tails of the workings of the universe. No, that's not the best way to put it. The universe is simple, it's myself, and how I should handle that universe that's the problem. But I digress. As I was drawing closer to home again, the wind picked up a little, the skies grew a little darker, and raindrops started falling. It was just a shower, no big storm. But, most important, it was not a warm, calm summer's day. And I felt invigorated. And I thought: 'There is real power in storms, gloom and darkness.'

13 August 2013

The Re-Wiccaning, Part N

It's been a long time since I've written in this blog. A whole year, actually. A lot happens in a year.

Anyone who's browsed through the posts on this website will know that my views on spiritual topics have never been very stable. For many years now I've been searching for the spiritual path that best suits me, moving between Wicca, qabalah, ceremonial magick, chaos magick, left-hand path philosophies, Discordianism etc. In the end I always seem to get sidetracked by something else, or simply bored.

Last Christmas I spent a couple weeks in the country with family. What with limited internet access and all I had plenty of time to kill there, and as often happens at such times, I got to thinking about spirituality again.

One of the things I thought about was Wicca. Books about wicca were the thing that originally got me started on this path, after years of passive agnosticism. And it occurred to me that I kept returning to Wiccan ideas time after time. This was my first exposure to the world of the occult, and it had made a lasting impression. As recently as early 2012, I was writing about a resurging interest in Wicca, although I veered off that path once again... to other ideas that lasted no longer.

So I made a New Year's resolution. For one year I would try to be Wiccan again, and try not to go chasing after every idea that crossed my mind. I'd try to hold regular sabbats and esbats, based on (more or less) traditional Wiccan forms, and, you know, just... be Wiccan.