9 November 2013

The Pentagram of Creation: A New Myth and Pantheon

I spent some time recently pondering about the guardians of the four quarters and elements. For some time now I'd been treating them in a rather neutral manner, simply calling upon the spirits of each element in ritual without any specific names or forms. But now as I thought about them, images begun to take shape in my mind, and a story...

This may have been in part inspired by reading I'd done lately about the Feri Tradition, a form of witchcraft not entirely different from Wicca, but distinct in many ways. My own roots are firmly in Wicca and it's not like I'm going to suddenly switch over, but there is a certain kind of... energy in Feri that is fascinating, and a pantheon of deities that is wider and maybe, in some ways, a little more imaginative than mainstream Wicca's... In any case, the deities I describe below are creations of my own mind, not directly borrowed from any tradition.

As I write this article, these are still new ideas for me, and I have no idea whether they will end up as actual parts of my practise. But they seemed interesting enough to put down in writing.

A Creation Myth

In the beginning, there was chaos, and there was Goddess, and the chaos and Goddess were one. Goddess carved out stars and planets from the chaos, and thus our Universe was born.